Plymouth Mass Real Estate

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Plymouth, originally named New Plimouth by Captain John Smith, was visited twice by European explorers prior to establishment of Plymouth Colony. The early years of the colony were tumultuous. Settlers faced risks of starvation and lack of adequate shelter. There were also violent skirmishes with the local Native Americans. However, Plymouth remained and is now the holder of the unique distinction – the first permanent settlement in New England. And Plymouth Mass real estate is more than adequate.

In the 1800s Plymouth was dependent on fishing and shipping. Eventually Plymouth became a shipbuilding center. Plymouth Cordage Company became the principal industry and the world’s largest manufacturer of rope and cordage products. The business thrived until 1964 when synthetic fiber ropes drown the business. The refurbished factory is now home to numerous offices, restaurants, and stores that serve the residents of Plymouth Mass real estate.

In recent years Plymouth Mass real estate has experienced rapid growth and development. With improved railroads, highways, and bus routes the area became more accessible. Plymouth MA real estate was attractive for its inexpensive land cost and low tax rate. Population has steadily grown and Plymouth has continued to draw homebuyers as it has emerged a major economic and tourist center of the South Shore.

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