About Us

At Options 1∙5∙3, our philosophy is that it’s not about US, It’s about YOU!

We take our jobs very seriously at OPTIONS 1∙5∙3 because this is the town we call home and where our children go to school.  In that way, you are an extension of our own family and we will do everything we can to do the RIGHT THING for YOU.

That’s why we are committed to doing everything possible for our clients.  If you are Buying, we will help you with all aspects of your home search, including getting to know your new Home Town, the sites, the shops, and so much more.  It’s such a fun and exciting time that we want you to sit back, relax and enjoy your experience.  We will also direct your search for any and all important issues that you may be concerned with, such as schools, activities, specific locations ect.

If you are selling, we will get your home SOLD.  We do this by making sure we concentrate on the RIGHT things.  The things that will make you more money.

Things like MARKETING.

In today’s real estate market, everyone seems to be cutting back on advertising.  At OPTIONS 1∙5∙3 we will not short change our clients by just listing their home in MLS and hoping it sells.  We are committed to market your home and get the most exposure possible.  In other words, We SPEND money so you can MAKE money.  When your home sells with us you can be assured that you got the MOST MONEY POSSIBLE.

And that is a great feeling!

That Is Our Commitment To YOU, Our Clients.

Once again, it’s not about us, it’s about YOU, and we would love the opportunity to show you how we are different from all other companies.

The Options 1∙5∙3 Team