Plymouth MA Realtor

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Plymouth MA real estate lies within the largest land area of any municipality of Massachusetts. Plymouth’s diverse neighborhoods and geographical sections make up the entire western shore of Cape Cod Bay. Large localities in the town include Plymouth Center, North, West, and South Plymouth, Manomet, Cedarville, and Saquish Neck. The total area is 134 square miles with about 38 miles of water.

The highly popular South Shore MA real estate harmonizes a historic atmosphere, beautiful surroundings, many modern amenities and a diverse home market. This is the perfect destination for professionals, families, and retirees alike. Residents of Plymouth enjoy a neighborhood that complements the busy city life by prioritizing recreation and relaxation. The parks are perfect for exploring, running, and just getting some outdoor air.

Your Plymouth MA Realtor® would be pleased to show you vintage single-family homes, contemporary estates, and modern condominium buildings. Condos provide all the necessities for a relaxing home life while requiring little maintenance. Enjoy the best locations, views, and selection of appointments and upgrades. Condo associations handle all of the upkeep and improvements while caring for the long-term value of your home.

If you’re considering pursuing a Plymouth home or condo on your own, you may want to reconsider. The area is attractive and you may be able to find homes or buyers on your own. But there are a multitude of advantages that come with working with a licensed Plymouth MA Realtor®.

Your Options 153 agent is an experienced Plymouth MA Realtor® able to determine your home worth. Agents know the current market, research comparable homes, and apply their expertise from selling countless properties to give you realistic insight into your home buying/selling goals.

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