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  • Behind the sale of the late Agnes Moorehead’s Beverly Hills home
    Beverly Hills has a certain mystique that surrounds it -- it's one of the most coveted and well-known ZIP codes in the world thanks to lush estates inhabited by Hollywood stars, first-class dining and shopping, and a hit TV show that bears its name ... […]
  • Kids illustrate fair housing, and the results are amazing
    Real estate regulations don't exactly conjure the warm fuzzies, but sometimes it takes seeing one through kids' eyes to remember the ideals -- and the need -- underlying it ... […]
  • Housing inventory down 25% from 2 years ago, analysis shows
    The supply of homes for sale this spring is so depleted that one of the nation’s valuation firms predicts that the inventory drought will reduce total home sales this year as shortages drive up prices and buyers fail to find properties they can afford, according to the latest analysis from Pro Teck Valuation’s Home Value Forecast ... […]
  • Kodak brings on-demand photography to real estate
    Some homesellers want to list lickety-split. Kodakit, an on-demand photography platform operated by Kodak, can help agents rise to the occasion. In markets where Kodakit has gone live, real estate agents can request a photo shoot at a specific time and receive a response within six minutes from a photographer who can do the job, according to Kodakit CEO Eric […]
  • JotForm V4: Collaborative, mobile and better than your current forms tool
    JotForm 4.0 is a powerful and simple forms-building tool ideal for real estate agents. ... […]
  • 6 types of real estate consumers who could benefit from Opendoor
    Good news for Zillow Group -- the industry has found a new scapegoat: Opendoor. Agents are spending so much time knocking this new model and berating anyone who may have considered the service. ... […]
  • A real estate agent’s guide to social media scheduling
    If you’re not scheduling your real estate posts at the right times and at the right frequency, the impact of your social media marketing will suffer. Not only will social media users be less likely to engage with your content, they may never see it at all ... […]
  • 5 tips for giving renters the furnishings they desire
    Though most apartment complexes and rental properties are unfurnished (apart from a few appliances), there is demand for furnished rental properties. They attract vacationers, college students and others who travel light and move often ... […]
  • Why door-knocking and building trust go hand in hand
    How do you door-knock in real estate and achieve success at it? What is the trick you can use to show clients that you’re not trying to impose on them ... […]
  • 26 personal branding insights from real estate experts
    “Without a brand, you’re just two clicks away from obscurity.” That’s the message I've been sharing with audiences across North America for the past five years. I've been on a bit of a mission to transform the way people think about personal branding to accelerate business growth, build trust and establish thought leadership ... […]