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Weymouth is a ‘mature’ community. This means that compared to other municipalities, Weymouth has been almost completely developed in terms of land area. But, that has not, and will not, prevent the redevelopment of sites with new uses or infill development on the few sites that remain. Some examples of this are the redevelopment of Mammoth Mart into Lechmere’s, which itself is in the process of being redeveloped as Wal-Mart; Stetson Shoe being redeveloped into non-industrial use as Stetson Place, an office complex; and the transformation of the former Nike Missile Base into Webb State Park. The most obvious example of this trend continuing is in the redevelopment of the Naval Air Station

Weymouth Community Profile – Demographic, Employment, Housing, Education, Community Vitality, Transportation and Environmental Resources Statistical Information provided by The Data Center of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council – PDF 49K

Useful Facts: Geographic Descriptors of Weymouth

  • It is located in Norfolk County, South Shore region of the Boston metropolitan area (Boston Metropolitan Statistical Area).
  • It is twelve miles southeast of Boston and 42 miles northeast of Providence, Rhode Island.
  • It is bordered by Braintree and Holbrook on the west, Abington and Rockland on the south, Hingham on the east, and the Fore River, Back River, and Hingham Bay on the north.
  • It covers an area of 21.61 square miles.

Useful Facts: Demographic Statistics

  • Town population increased from 54,063 in 1990 to 54,379 in 1999; 316 new residents or 0.6 % for the decade.
  • Population growth within Weymouth is consistent with State trends but both are lower than national averages.
  • Based on past trends, the population could increase to 55,360 in 2004 and 56,545 in 2009-about 1,200 more people.
  • The estimated buildout for Weymouth will mean almost 60,000 people (source: MAPC) which could occur within 25 to 30 years.
  • The average household has shrunk from 2.92 people in 1980 to 2.52 in 1999, while the median age has increased from 31.2 to 36
Projections: Population Numbers
1999 2004 2009
Market Area 647,008 661,702 680,360
County 317,147 326,488 337,863
South Shore 275,482 279,854 285,952
Weymouth 54,379 55,360 56,545
Source: AGS, 1999


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