Welcome to Plympton

The original town of Plympton, incorporated in 1707 as the first congregation independent of the original Pilgrim’s church, extended well beyond the current borders, including parts of Carver and Halifax. Today, Plympton is approximately 14.8 square miles and is, therefore, the smallest town in southeastern Massachusetts.

Located 35 miles from Boston, the town has access to that city via bus, car, and commuter rail (the MTA station is minutes away in Halifax). Massachusetts Routes 58 (north and south), 106 (east and west), and 44 (east and west) provide approaches to the town. There is easy access to Logan Airport in Boston and Green Airport in Providence, RI.

The population today is somewhat over 2600 and the average age is 35 (two years younger than the average for the state of Massachusetts at 37). School enrollment approaches 800. Dennett Elementary School on Crescent Street is the only school located in town. Middle and high school students attend Silver Lake Regional Schools in Kingston.

Residents have opportunities for self-governance in the most traditional sense. Town Meetings allow for each registered voter to represent him- or herself directly in major matters, while an elected three-member Board of Selectmen, as well as numerous other boards and committees, oversee day-to-day matters.

Local farm stands provide fresh produce in season and supermarkets are located in bordering towns. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be enjoyed at Plympton eateries. Specialty shops, galleries, and numerous other businesses located in town offer goods and services to townspeople and others, while large malls are located in nearby towns. Special events held in the town offer a large selection of antiques, gardening supplies and plants, and folk art. The Library hosts reading groups, book sales, art shows, children’s activities, and other events throughout the year.

Plympton today offers accessibility to Boston, Providence, Cape Cod, and lots of recreation. It also offers a less harried pace, beautiful scenery, and the classic charms of small town living.

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