Kristin Comstock’s Testimonials

Kristin Comstock

“In my lifespan I have purchased 4 homes, all with different real estate agents. Kristen was by far the best, from helping me pick a home matching what I said I wanted to recommending tradesmen, home inspectors to make sure there were no hidden problems, etc.

She was prompt and when others weren’t, made sure they got there as soon as possible. Her great work ethic along with the dedication she has for her family and being “just plain smart” made her a pleasure to be around. When everybody else was panicked she brought calm to the situation. I never once doubted that getting me into the right home, versus one where she made the most profit but would have been a stretch for me economically, was her goal.Thanks, Kristen”

Frederick S.

“Very knowledgeable about the real estate market. High level of personalized service!”

David C.

“Kristin is the consummate professional. Her focus and determination to meet her clients needs are reflected in her success. Your not just a client to Kristin your a friend. Your transition from the old to the new, will appear seamless. She’s the best”

Mark R.