Cheryl Chalhoub’s Testimonials

Cheryl Chalhoub  

“Dear Brian Mullen,

This letter is to let you know how extremely satisfied we were with our Realtor, Cheryl Chalhoub.

I originally called her about 3 years ago when my husband and I were curious about the value of our house. I explained to her that we most likely would not be selling any time in the near future or perhaps not at all and I told her I would completely understand if she didn’t want to make a trip to appraise our house under those circumstance.  Fortunately for us, she was so helpful and came out to see us and spent a great deal of her time here.  Over the past few years we have also called her for information on our house value and options and she has always kept us informed with the sales of pond front properties and other helpful information.

Last December we impulsively bought a home in Florida and we decided not to keep the home in Plymouth.  Naturally we did not consider giving the listing to anyone but Cheryl.  Her knowledge, friendliness and professional work ethics were outstanding.  She kept in constant touch with us and worked tirelessly to bring about the upcoming sale of our house during one of the worst real estate markets in decades.

We would be delighted to highly recommend Cheryl and your Agency to any of our friends or relatives.

Wayne and Bonnie Albion


“Over the past 25 years my wife and I have dealt with at least a dozen agents and brokers and we have parties in at least eight property transactions. We have found that there are three key skills that a real estate professional must have. The first is the ability to get to know their clients and what they are looking for so that a lot of time isn’t wasted looking at the wrong property. The second is knowing the market and being able to provide sound pricing and negotiating advice. The final talent is having the finesse to smooth out the snags that inevitably pop up jeopardizing the deal.

Many real estate people have one or two of the above skills, but only a handful possess all three. Cheryl Chalhoub is one of those professionals who can do it all. It was obvious to us that Cheryl had done a lot of homework before we even met and she continued to work tirelessly behind the scenes throughout our search and purchase of our new home. She previewed homes before showing them to us which allowed her to anticipate our questions and concerns and avoid the disappointment of going to a property and finding that it’s nothing like what you are looking for.  Cheryl’s vast experience working with buyers and sellers gives her a perspective that neither my wife nor I saw even though we had previously bought and sold a number of properties. We credit her with saving us thousands of dollars by giving us sound advice as we developed a strategy of how we would present an offer and negotiate the deal. Our purchase involved some creative financing and we quickly came to appreciate Cheryl’s expertise in bringing the two sides together.  Most importantly, after our offer was negotiated and accepted and the sellers realized the deal we got, Cheryl kept everything on track when the sellers became reluctant to follow through on the deal.

Cheryl maintained the same energy and attention to detail after the deal was struck; from the  inspections through the closing. She gave us many excellent recommendations for local inspectors, contractors and other professionals that we needed at various points both before and after the purchase. The final outcome was our acquisition of the home of our dreams at a price we could afford with an absolute minimum of stress or drama. We couldn’t have been more pleased.

It is our pleasure to recommend Cheryl Chalhoub as an agent that we hold in the highest esteem. We wish she serviced the areas where our other homes are located as we would not hesitate for a moment to enlist her as our agent and representative.

Michael and Phyllis Tarlow